Policing & Emergencies

Williton & Watchet Community Policing Team

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Avon & Somerset Police now have a non-emergency number – 101.

The roll out of this new non-emergency number was part of a national programme to make it easier for you to contact your local police.  You can also use their website to contact the police.

101 should be used for non-emergencies such as:

  • contacting local officers
  • getting crime prevention advice
  • making the police aware of policing issues in your local area
  • making an appointment with a police officer
  • for any other non-emergency
  • reporting a crime (unless crime is in progress, when you should dial 999)

If you wish to provide information anonymously, you can visit the Crimestoppers website or call the Crimestoppers telephone number 0800 555 111 at any time of the day or night, 365 days of the year.

You can find out about local NeighbourHood Watch schemes on the Avon & Somerset Police site…

Emergency Phone Numbers

  • Ambulance: 999 – For all non emergency enquiries call 111
  • Fire & Rescue: For all non emergency enquiries call 01392 872200 (Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service)
  • Coastguard: 999 or 01792 366534 (Somerset coastal coverage by Swansea MRCC)
  • Electricity – Western Power Distribution – 0800 6783 105
  • Gas: National Gas Emergency Service – 0800 111 999
  • Water: Wessex Water – 0345 600 4 600
  • Environment: Environment Agency Floodline (24 hour) – 0345 988 1188

Speak Up To Stop Rural Crime

Please follow the Rural crime | Crimestoppers (crimestoppers-uk.org) link to read more about how Crimestoppers is raising awareness of crime that happens in our rural communities, how to protect our families and properties and how we can help people speak up, stop crime and stay safe whilst remaining 100% anonymous.